Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Return to the Forbidden Plant

If you have nothing to do this weekend then I would highly recommend the musical that is on at the Dolman Theatre this week.

Return to the Forbidden Planet is a production that is loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest with elements of 50’s B-movies and is full of the best rock ‘n’ roll music. The show is set on a spaceship that has been diverted from its usual service job to land on a planet where mad scientist Doctor Prospero and his lovely daughter Miranda are marooned.

The whole production is outstanding; from the sets to the costumes everyone looks the part and fit well into the show’s direction. Excellent performances are given by the whole cast especially David Constant as Dr. Prospero and Georgia Tasker-Davies as the Science Officer.

The director, Gordon Collins, showed his versatility by taking on the role of a newscaster and Paul Chard (Captain Tempest) and Sabrina Sydney (Miranda) performed their roles marvellously. A special mention must go to Joseph Tulloch who played Cookie very well, stealing the hearts of many a lady in the audience.

This feel-good show quickly captured my attention with the inclusion of many classic songs so that I found myself singing and clapping along very quickly. Between the music, humour and brilliant performances this show will keep you laughing and dancing all night.

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